Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Classes at Grand St!

We are now offering over a dozen Community Classes at our Grand Street Location!
Coming by train? The Grand St. location is easily accessible by both the L and G train. — at Greenhouse Holistic (Grand Location).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Spa's of 2012

What does  
have to say about Greenhouse Holistic's Hot Stone massage?

Book a Hot Stone Massage today: 
(347) 987-4526

Hot-stone massage
88 Roebling St at North 7th St, Williamsburg, BK (718-599-3113, 60-minute massage regularly $80.

After discussing my various aches, lead massage therapist and founder David Greenhouse rubbed me down from head to toe, using heated massage stones to relax my muscles. Though his firm kneading caused me to grit my teeth at times, I could feel the deep-seated knots in my shoulders and upper back giving way. 
Best part: My keyboard-based day job leads to pent-up stress in my shoulders, while my waitressing gig causes tightness in my legs. Greenhouse eased the stiffness in my upper body and still had time to soothe my sore calves. 
Why it’s worth it: The therapists do their best to help you decompress even after you leave: Greenhouse showed me stretches I could do at home to relieve my tension.Marley Lynch

Monday, February 13, 2012

Amanda Zapanta got Sleuthed!

Enlivening Vinyasa with Amanda Zapanta
Greenhouse Holistic
783 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn
Mon 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Amanda Zapanta asked us to grab a bolster, two blocks and a blanket before we got settled into her Monday morning class. Yoga Sleuth was preparing for a playful, yet rigorous and alignment-focused vinyasa class at Greenhouse Holistic’s Driggs Avenue location in Brooklyn.

We began class lying down in Supta Padangusthasana, holding the big toe or our shins. Amanda had us take our toe down toward the floor, but encouraged us at the same time to take the foot up toward our head. Bringing the foot back to center we switched hands and took the leg across the body into a releasing spinal twist.
Amanda reminded us we could stay here, while offering a deeper version of bending the bottom leg and taking hold of the foot while holding onto the top outstretched leg.

Letting go of the twist, we then rolled onto our bellies and came up into a backbending Salabhasana, which Amanda also jokingly referred to as “Superman.” We then brought our hands to the floor and pushed into a Down Dog Split. The sequence continued with opening up our hips, flipping over into “Rock Star”, lowering into Marichyasana B, then bending our knees and scooping up our shins with our arms and laying down into a supine Pigeon shape before switching sides.
And that was just the warm-up to Amanda’s creative and demanding class.

Amanda Capobianco Saturday 10:30 AM class got Sleuthed!

Juicy Vinyasa with Amanda Capobianco
Greenhouse Holistic 
88 Roebling St, Brooklyn
Sat 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Yoga Sleuth heard that Amanda Capobianco knows how to pack in a room of yogis, and was not disappointed the Saturday morning we popped in to check out her class. With 28 students making a mess of the space, our mats set up in disarray, Amanda helped to make room to accommodate everyone who showed up for class.
When we all found some order and Amanda her seat at the front of the room, there was enough space to fit one more, to which she said, “That’s for the spirit.”

Guiding us through meditation to help quiet our bodies and minds after all the disruption with the Tetris game we started out with, Amanda urged us all to “breath in the positive, exhale anything you don’t need, let go of all the negative.” Then she lulled us into a meditative state by leading us through her Durga Jai chant.
Our opening song still ringing in our ears and vibrating through our bodies, we soon were standing, savoring in the half Sun Salutations we took before taking a variation on Classical Surya Namaskar A, letting the breath guide us to bend and straighten the front leg of our Low Lunge before completing the sequence.